We give the “Miami As-Melting-Pot” Concept A New ( Edible ) Meaning

We offer daily food tours throughout the city’s most celebrated neighborhoods. From Cafe Cubano to Peruvian Ceviche, we bring you everything South Florida’s culinary communities have to offer as well as the culture and tradition behind those doing the cooking.

Office Team

  • Grace Della, Director Of Operations
  • Malena Maffei, Reservations
  • Ana Molina, Office Assistant

Dining Guides

  • Lisa Kogut
  • Gina Castaldo
  • Mirka Harris
  • Jennifer Porcielo
  • Marie Perea
  • Lana Ostanaya
  • Ashley Carlucci

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Food Writers

  • Santiago Cardona
  • Maria Velasco


  • Brenda Benoit


What The Media Is Saying About Us

  • “Insider Guide: Best Of Miami; Miami Culinary Tours”

  • “A Must Food And Cultural Experience For Those Who Love Authentic Cuisine”

  • “Grace Della Leads Food Lovers through The Streets of Calle Ocho, Miami”


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